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Here’s some more Jackie Chan/Chun Li for those that want it. And, quite frankly, you should ALL want it.


Fili statue by Weta

Wielding twin Dwarven swords and bristling with knives, Fili the Dwarf is a well-trained, natural fighter, a true royal heir forged in the fashion of the Longbeard kings he is destined to succeed: Durin, Thror and Fili’s uncle Thorin Oakenshield™. Yet Fili is a Dwarf Prince without a kingdom. The Dragon Smaug has taken Erebor, the last great city of the Dwarves, and it is with the ambition to help his uncle reclaim the lost heritage of his forefathers that Fili joins Thorin on the Quest.

Yet in spite of his upbringing and the love he bears Thorin, Fili is a young Dwarf raised in a time of peace. His back is not bowed by the burdens of the past wrongs and his brow is unfurrowed by grudges long borne. Fili’s spirit is bright and his humour free. To him, the Quest is an adventure and he greets every challenge upon the path with a swift smile and blades.”

Just as I give in and buy the Thorin statue they release the Fili one… -_-



It begins.

hoyl shit

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oh my god i’m going to hell

yahoomusic: Party starts here with @hrhchriscolfer and @janemarielynch in the Purple lounge at @TrevorProject. #trevorlive #chriscolfer #janelynch #glee

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Was searching YouTube and found this.Made my day! 


Sherlock Wazowski & Dr Sullivan

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